January 14, 2017

Please Join Us on January 23!

for a Joint Meeting of Grandparents Against Gun Violence

 and NE Kansas Chapter of the Brady Campaign to hear about: 

Landmark $2.2 Million Settlement vs. Odessa Gun Dealer

Learn First-Hand about the Results of this Deadly Gun Sale

Monday, January 23, 4:00-5:30, Colonial Church, 71st & Mission

We are honored by the presence of the Brady Attorney, Alla Lefkowitz

 John Gruber, a Brady Campaign Manager: “Stop Bad Apple Dealers”

Janet Delana, Mother of the Mentally Ill Woman, Wife of the Victim

All have agreed to travel to KC to present to our group.

Here’s an article about the case:

We are expecting a large audience, so please RSVP to . We look forward to seeing you there, and encourage all who have them to wear their orange GAGV shirts!  (We will have some at the meeting that day if you want to purchase then.)


Four examples of major gun rights proponents either killed or seriously wounded by firearms this year follows.

Not meant to make light of these tragedies or suggest that the victims in any way deserved to be shot, the intention is to underscore the dangerous nature of firearms by showing that even people who love and own guns can fall prey to accidents or even deliberate violence, as well.

From the Star and KCTV 5: Rep. Nick Marshall from Parkville alerts constituents that they can come to his office to borrow a gun while visiting the state capitol!

From The Trace: Young MD Finds a One Billion Deficit in Research on Gun Deaths.

How You can Support GAGV

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