April 3, 2017


1.    Follow up from March 27 meeting
2.   April 24 Meeting
3.   National Gun Violence Day
4.   Volunteer Opportunity: Speaker’s Bureau
5.   News
6.   Letter of Support from Senator Dinah Sykes


1.   Follow up from March 27 meeting

Our speaker, Scott Mosher, the training director for Frontier Justice Gun Range, is a former police officer and NRA member.  He discussed home gun safety and constitutional carry/permitless carry of guns. Be sure to read the attached notes to learn more. We appreciate his willingness to present his viewpoints. At times, a spirited discussion ensued, as not all of us agreed with the presenter’s ideas, but it is important for us to hear different points of view so we can find some common ground, in the long run. Which is why our next meeting focuses on just that.

3/27 Meeting notes:

GAGV Meeting Minutes 3.27.2017-1 (2).docx

2.   Monday, April 24 Meeting

Our April  24 meeting will focus on finding common ground with people with whom we do not agree. Mikhala Simmons, from the Center for Conflict Resolution, will talk with us about active listening so we CAN find places where we can agree. She will help us learn to have Constructive Conversations – leading to Conflict Transformation

  • Time: 4:00-5:30 PM
  • Location: Colonial Church, 71st & Mission

3.   National Gun Violence Day, June 2

MARK YOUR CALENDAR!  We are hoping everyone will wear orange that day (and your GAGV pin and/or t-shirt if you have one!).  There will be a 5:00 PM rally at the Plaza Fountain sponsored by GAGV, with our Heartland Coalition co-sponsors.  More details to come...but please plan to join us.

4.   Volunteer Opportunity: Speaker’s Bureau

One of our most important goals this year, Educate the Community on Gun-Related Issues to Make Them Advocates for Commonsense Gun Laws, leads us to found a Speaker’s Bureau. The plan is to finalize the presentation, purchase equipment needed, and schedule organizations that wish to understand our point of view.

This is where you come in! Of course, we need willing/enthusiastic presenters. You would receive ample training and then present  in pairs to groups with which you feel comfortable. Jan Pickler, our new Speaker’s Bureau leader, will help you set up, as needed, and make sure you feel confident to bring our message to groups willing to listen and support our cause. Please send an email to

5.   News

Not sure that Kansas really wants to celebrate this article from the Trace!

6.   Letter of Support from Senator Dinah Sykes

Dinah Sykes Letter to GAGV.doc.jpeg

How You can Support GAGV

  1. Understand and support our mission
  2. Recruit new members, inform others, and encourage action
  3. Like and share our Facebook page
  4. Write letters to the editor
  5. Engage in our volunteer activities.
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